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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art Fire shop!

Im having such a great time setting up my new artfire shop! Even dince I found it Ive been super pumped to make some new goodies, and upload all my pics of all the stuff I already have here sitting in the mini shop!
There are so many cute things on there to browse, guilds to join, and people to meet...
Sometimes I avoid learning something new, but its laid out to clean & nice, I just love it, and dare i say its nicer and more user friendly than Etsy???? Oh yes, I still have that shop but Im really excited about going pro & paying a small flat rate rather thanall those listing fees, and renewal fees, and % off the top. This is much more simple to worry about!!
So here I am now online , not just in-store:)
Come visit me and tell me what you think!!

wedding winter soap favors!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sissy's Wedding Shower Ideas!

So my only baby sister got married a little while back. i thought I would share some of the pics that i took of the shower that I put on for her. The colors were black, white, hot pink & a touch of lime green, so I tried to incorporate all those into my ideas!
* Cute covered water bottles in damask....

*A handmade paper cake box cake.
 On the top I attached a beautiful burnished silver bird necklace that was my gift to her.

This is my little one enjoying her pink punch!

 I blew up a bunch of her photos in black & white and scattered them around in  cute white frames.

What would be a wedding shower without chocolate!!!!

How many questions can you get wrong before youve chewed an entire 4 pack  of hubba???????

Gifts area & Personalized Wedding Banner!  So in a nutshell it was a beautiful day, full of fun, sun. What else do you get when you shove a bunch of crazy women all together in a confined space for 2 hours!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Feel good Soap

Finally something yummy for the guys! These cute little  aqua 2 tone guest size mens soap smell of fresh clean & crisp! Wouldnt these be perfect for a B&B to leave on their guests pillows!

Free Pina Colada Cubes!

Ok Cute people, we are wrapping up our facebook fan page draw next week! Everyone who sends more than 15 people an invite to our facebook fan page is in the draw!! Free glass jar of Pina Colada Exfoliating bathcubes to the winner & maybe something else special too!

Just shoot me an email to let me know how many you invited to help support handmade & small local business! These are brown sugar/vanilla bath exfoliating bath cubes, butyou can also choose from Pina Colada!
Ok  Drumroll please.......The winner is Cathy!
Facebook Me!